Troop 25 provides an active boy run program. The expense of providing this program is the responsibility of the parents.  In order to supplement expenses, fundraising activities are provided so each boy has an equal opportunity to participate.  Full parental participation in fundraising is essential to provide an active program at a reasonable cost to the family. 
Occasionally family financial situations are strained, a family may feel they need to deny their son's participation.  If you are faced with this situation, contact the Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chair immediately.  In confidence, the troop will work with parents to maximize fundraising opportunities and/or seek available funding sources.  An active, advancing Scout should not be denied participation due to a family's financial situation.   
  1. Troop Income
    Annual Registration: Youth ($65) Weekly Scout Dues ($2 per week) Trip Food Money (dependent upon patrol's food expense) Summer Camp Fee High Adventure Participation Fee Cake Sales Annual Troop Dinner Dance Popcorn Sales Christmas Wreath Sales Spring Bulb Sales Mackin Society Donations Memorial Donations
  2. Troop Expenses
    Awards Materials & Supplies for Meetings Tentage, Camping equipment BSA Registration, Adult Background Check, & Insurance Campsites & Building Rentals Summer Camp High Adventure Participation Youth Leadership Participation Fees Awards Nights, Parent Meetings Court of Honor Postage Facility maintenance costs Ski Trip expenses Annual Hiking Trip transportation High Adventure transportation Canoe, Raft Rental
  3. Balancing the budget
    Parents and Scouts are expected to particpate in all fundraising activities. A portion of major fundrasing activities is credited to Scout's participation in major activities to help pay for his fees. Scouts and families with financial need should talk with the Scoutmaster or troop committee in order to ensure no boy is denied participation due family finances.