The benefits of a scrip program

A scrip program allows all of us to help the troop all the time, without doing anything more than using scrip gift cards to pay for everyday shopping and buying gift cards for others through the site. We don’t have to spend money on things we don’t need, make room to organize events in our busy schedules, or sell to friends and relatives.

When you order scrip, you pay face value for the gift cards - nothing more. So if you order a $100 gift card for The Home Depot, you pay $100 and you recieve a $100 gift card. When the order is placed through the troop, we pay less than the full face value for cards (2 – 13% less, depending on the retailer). The Home Depot, for example, offers a 4% rebate, so the troop pays $96 for that $100 gift card. That $4 differenceis credited to our program as a rebate!

How to Sign Up

Registration is entirely online.       
1.  Go to and click How to Enroll, then click Join Your Scrip Program.
2.  Enter our enrollment code  (6B571D9C5124L). By entering this code, your account will be    associated with our non-profit organization so you can begin earning rebates!
3.  Fill in all required personal information and click ‘I Accept.’
4.  Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide answers.
To Download these intructions, click here:
Registering for Scrip

Presto Pay

To reduce paperwork burden, all families ordering scrip must enroll in presto pay to pay for thier orders. Presto pay enables you to pay for your scrip order online - immediatately. Funds are transfered from your bank acount. Detailed instructions can be downloaded below.
Presto Pay Instructions


ScripNow allows you to donload your scrip within minutes.  Order online, pay with presto pay and be sure to click the Scrip Now option. Your scrip will appear in your wallet within minutes!
Scrip Now Information


MyScrip Wallet is a mobile website that can be used from a cell phone or mobile device. It is now an app. It will help you organize your scrip and access it easily from your mobile device.
My Scrip Wallet Quick Info
My Scrip Wallet FAQs